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Student Council

What is Student Council?
The student council definition refers to a body of students who are elected by their peers to address school issues and organize school activities and events. Student council is offered in both public and private schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. To be on the student council, a student must have good grades and act as a positive role model to peers; however, any student is able to attend the student council meetings.

Where can we learn how to set up our student council?
National Student Council (NatStuCo) 
With more than 9,000 member schools nationwide, National Student Council (NatStuCo) brings together student councils and advisers from across the country to share experiences, best practices, and expertise. NatStuCo gives student councils and their advisers the tools and resources they need to move from effective to exceptional. NatStuCo is all about:

What are the responsibilities of the Student Council?
What a student council does is generally determined by the school administration. Student council responsibilities may include a variety of tasks, such as organizing school activities. For example, the student council may help with school events such as spirit week. Additionally, the student council is responsible for handling civic events like canned food drives.

  • Student Council Positions 
    There are various student council positions, and each position comes with its own set of responsibilities. Generally, a school-wide election is held to select a student for each student council position; however, some students are elected to their positions by other council members or school faculty. The student council positions include the following:
  • President — Represents the entire student body, as well as the entire student council. The president is responsible for running council meetings and is in charge of organizing all student council activities.
  • Vice president — Represents the student body and student council when the president is not able to do so. In large schools, there may be two vice presidents, each of which has its own responsibilities.
  • Treasurer — Responsible for handling all financial aspects of student council activities, such as fundraising for dances or community projects. The treasurer ensures that funds are utilized appropriately, and a budget is followed.
  • Secretary — Responsible for keeping notes, or minutes, regarding each council meeting. The secretary is also in charge of updating class lists, websites, and social media.