Ms. Pearce is our CARDINAL HERO for October 25, 2021.

Ms. Pearce is a vital member of the Cardinal Teaching Staff at Cedar Grove Elementary. She always comes to work ready to meet the challenges of the day and serves with a smile for every situation she encounters. There are many times she must wear many job hats at once. Ms. Pearce’s main job is that of School Counselor. She helps guide students to make positive decisions about school and about life. She is always ready to listen to whatever needs of our students and sometimes of our staff.

Ms. Pearce will have the CARDINAL HERO AWARD hanging at her door for this week. Please join me in celebrating Ms. Pearce for being a true CARDINAL HERO!


Our Office Staff works very hard each day to make sure all who enter our school are accounted for and making sure all documents are in the right place. Ms. Jones handles all things in the front office from greeting new parents to making sure every child knows how they are getting home.  Ms. Boswell handles all things with our school finances and school fundraisers. Both ladies take on multiple jobs during a school day and we could not operate without them! 

Please join me in celebrating our Office Staff for being True CARDINAL HEROS for 11/2/2021!